September 11, 2009

Holcim Cement Plant in Brunnen

i felt like creating a playground to test the small schoema shunter, so i started recreating the holcim cement plant at brunnen. it was served by trains delivering fuel and picking up the cement it produced until it was closed recently. not in railworks though!

the rough model is done, but it needs some further detail in places, especially where the rails go through the building.

it also suffers from work in progress textures, just like the newly unwrapped schoema, seen here shunting at the plant.

September 2, 2009

Altdorf Station

the trackwork has been completed in the station of Altdorf, from which a short industrial spur heads to the industrial park of Schattdorf where a number of companys are served, including the government owned defense company RUAG or rubber-specialists Dätwyler Rubber.

Furthermore there are some tracks which lead into secret and mysterious tunnels in the mountains south-east of Schattdorf...
One can only speculate what they look like inside, but it shall make for interesting shunting opportunities nevertheless!